What is Climate Mind?

The Climate Mind App powers productive conversations about climate change.

Why do we need Climate Mind?

The Problem

The biggest myth about climate change, isn't whether it's happening. Rather, it's the myth that it doesn't personally affect us. Scientists strongly agree: the impacts of climate change are here today, affecting each of us, the scale and speed of change is serious, threatening civilization as we know it, and we are responsible (mainly by burning fossil fuels). Fortunately, many hopeful solutions exist to address climate change while simultaneously making our lives better than they are today. But the pace and scale that we are implementing these solutions needs to be much faster to be appropriate.
83% of Americans agree that climate change is happening!
42% of Americans think it's caused mostly by human activities.
22% of Americans think that climate change will harm them personally!

The Solution

Talking about climate change meaningfully with friends and family drives better understanding, motivation, and lasting change for faster climate action from the bottom up.
Conversations are
the most important way we can fight climate change.
Why aren't we talking enough? There are several key factors that Climate Mind addresses, such as:
  • 🧠
    We think we don’t know enough
  • 👪
    We don’t want to start an argument or harm our relationships
  • 😔 We don’t want to make others feel sad

Climate Mind to the rescue!

The Climate Mind app addresses these barriers by guiding users to effectively frame their conversations, strengthening relationships while discussing climate change in authentic and positive ways. We don’t have to change people’s values. People already have the values they need to care about a changing climate and be motivated to act, they just haven’t realized it yet. They haven’t connected the dots and found attractive solutions.

What can the Climate Mind App do for you?

1. Identify what makes you tick

2. Explore how climate change impacts you personally and relates to your values

3. Gain support, confidence, and opportunity for better climate convos with friends and family

4. Discover climate solutions tailored to you

How can you get involved?