Safety, stability and order (security) of self and one’s immediate environment or in the wider society

A feeling of safety, stability, and order is very important to you; this is true likely whether in society at large, at work, in your home, or in your relationships.

The sense of security that comes with feeling like you belong highly motivates you. Comfort for you is knowing the people and things you cherish are taken care of.

Value items

social order, family security, national security, clean, reciprocation of favours, healthy, moderate, sense of belonging

Defining goal

safety, harmony, and stability of society, relationships, and of self. Security values derive from basic individual and group requirements (cf. Kluckhohn, 1951; Maslow, 1965). Some security values serve primarily individual interests (e.g., clean), others wider group interests (e.g., national security). Even the latter, however, express, to a significant degree, the goal of security for self or those with whom one identifies.


  • societal (safety, stability and order (security) in the wider society)

  • personal (safety, stability and order (security) of self and one's immediate environment)

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