Compliance with rules, laws and formal obligations. Avoidance violating formal informal social expectations. Avoidance of upsetting or harming others

Rule breaker? Far from it. In fact, you love nothing more than sticking by the rules and conforming to social norms.

The idea of upsetting others or disrupting the status quo likely fills you with dread, so you work hard to bring self-discipline, responsibility and politeness to the table.

Value items

obedient, self-discipline, politeness, honouring parents and elders, loyal, responsible

Defining goal

restraint of actions, inclinations, and impulses likely to upset or harm others and violate social expectations or norms. Conformity values derive from the requirement that individuals inhibit inclinations that might disrupt and undermine smooth interaction and group functioning. As I define them, conformity values emphasize self-restraint in everyday interaction, usually with close others.


  • rules (Compliance with rules, laws and formal obligations (Avoidance of violating formal social expectations))

  • interpersonal (Avoidance of violating informal social expectations (Avoidance of upsetting or harming others))

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