Appreciation and protection for the welfare of all people or preservation of the natural environment. Acceptance and understanding of those who differ from oneself

You care a great deal for the well-being of all people and life. You likely also value diversity and protecting the environment.

Broadminded and selfless, you likely focus on bolstering social justice and equality so that the world is more fair and peaceful for all.

Value items

broadminded, social justice, equality, world at peace, the world of beauty, unity with nature, wisdom, protecting the environment, inner harmony, a spiritual life

Defining goal

understanding, appreciation, tolerance, and protection for the welfare of all people and for nature. This contrasts with the in-group focus on benevolence values. Universalism values derive from the survival needs of individuals and groups. But people do not recognize these needs until they encounter others beyond the extended primary group and until they become aware of the scarcity of natural resources. People may then realize that failure to accept others who are different and treat them justly will lead to life-threatening strife. They may also realize that failure to protect the natural environment will lead to the destruction of the resources on which life depends. Universalism combines two subtypes of concernโ€”for the welfare of those in the larger society and world and for nature


  • concern (appreciation and protection for the welfare of all people)

  • tolerance (Acceptance and understanding of those who differ from oneself)

  • nature (appreciation, protection, and preservation of the natural environment)

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